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I trust... the unknown

Updated: Jan 14

I trust the unknown because I trust myself.

No matter what came to me in the past,

I have better or worse with it dealt.

I trust the unknown because I experience nature

and I can only feel the wonder

that permeates all creation.

I trust the unknown in my body

and its mysterious workings.

It has always led me,

through health and illness,

directly to my inner wisdom.

I trust the unknown within me.

My intuition has always guided me well.

My heart has always taught me love.

My emotions have helped me

to get to know my deepest beliefs.

My anger has shown me

my values and boundaries.

My mind has revealed to me

how irrational I can be

and how much darkness

I can give my power to.

My awareness has uncovered my freedom.

My freedom has led me

to choose how I create my reality

and that love is a choice.

My creativity heals all my past wounds

and renews me as a human day to day.

I trust the mystery of love.

As it has made me grown

in self-knowledge and compassion.

I trust humans on earth

and our power to create

a world of peace, love and solidarity.

I trust all we don't know

and all we have forgotten.

Because the sun comes out every day

and because there's good

round every corner,

despite what the media says.

I trust the unknown.

I trust the unknown in me.

I trust the unknown in you.

I trust the unknown in the world.

The unknown has proved to me

that I am love and that

we all have everything we need

to be PURE LOVE.



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